Would you like to own a software business that is affordable and will yield a realistic profit with a little effort?


In times of economic crisis , most prople will look to try to find something that they can do that will bring them some kind of financial stability.Often that involves relying on their current skills, trade or qualifications that have proven successful in the past.Others, will look for something different that they can try as a new venture or in addition to their current job, a side hustle as its called today !


We at Shamebay are always on the look out for genuine, affordable and credible business opportunities that fall into this category for our readers.To be fair, there are not that many around that are genuine and deliver what they promise, so its important to weed out the ones that are simply scams or very misleading at best.

We have concentrated on those business ideas that we know do work, because we have used them ourselves.Yes, they require some effort on the business owner, of course they do.There is no magic button or strategy to make money without any effort, thats simply nonsense, and anyone reading this will know that , despite how clever and manipulative the marketers are at selling such scams.

So, no fake affiliate schemes here, nor empty website templates that have been copied and pasted to a server and has no actual product or traffic, just a glitzy looking website but nothing within.No drop shipping schemes that noone will ever see, therefore no sales will come.No silly online surveys to complete that never pay inthe end, or you never qualify to take in the first place because your demographics are deemed not suitable.No website reviews , selling your photos, trying to flip domain names that noone wants, getting paid to watch videos etc etc……the list is almost endless.The only notable thing about all of these are :


If they did work then everyone would stay at home and complete surveys and the like then take their 4 foriegn vacations a year and pick their most fancied new car for the new year, then rinse and repeat it all over again! No one would bother with 9-5 jobs, the daily commute , the grind, the hating their boss , the early rises, the poor pay and so on.They would simply review a couple of videos or websites and do that survey, then dropship that £4.99 item, and all would be well.Financial freedom at last!



We know it takes more than that…..much more than that.For a start , you need something that is a genuine product, that belongs to you ( and only you) and there is demand for.Further more, you need something that does not rely on physical shipping ( like Ebay) and therefore does not seccumb to the increasing prices of Royal Mail or other couriers eating into those already waver thin margins.

In essence, you need a software business !

Owning a software business ( or software product) ensures that you avoid such extravagant postal costs, storage costs, return item costs, packaging costs, and everything else that goes with a traditional type of business.So, on this page the only opportunities you will find are those software related that we know are genuine products and that you can own at a very reasonable price and will be able to make money with a little effort on your part.

First up is a nifty little Windows software for hiding your real IP address and it’s called IP VIPER !

Did you know that as many as 410 million people worldwide are using software to browse the Internet in anonymity, according to a new report from research firm GlobalWebIndex.


This represents a fantastic business opportunity to get a slice of this popular market !


Become a software business owner today.You can find out all about IP Viper here !