Welcome to Shamebay’s Hall Of Shame !

The Shamebay Hall Of Shame is the place to find the worst of the worst ebay scammers, the scummiest charlatans, the low life con men & women and down right scoundrels, who have managed to scam our readers with some of the most heinious scams of all! These names here are reserved for the most rotten, stinking bad apples of ebay whose scamming behaviour or disgracefu conduct ensures their place is secured in Shamebays Hall Of Shame…….. forever!

Thank you to all of our readers for being prepared to stand up to these low lifes of ebay & expose them for what they really are.The world will be a better place for it!


If you know of any such ebay scammers that you think might make it to our Hall Of Shame, you can send their details to us by clicking on the report an ebay scammer button below.




To make it first into our Hall Of Shame is of course the biggest culprit, scoundrel and originator of the scam cesspit, the one who paves the way for all the rest to follow, the creator of the platform so widely accepted as a scammers paradise, where these scammers ply their trade with confidence & without fear of recourse………..



(Synonomous with fleebay, scambay, fraudbay etc, we like fleebay as it represents the plethora of parasites there!)

It is only proper and fitting that the master scammer of this murkiest of marketplaces who dont just condone but actively aide and abet the scammers makes it to pole position in the Hall Of Shame.Without ebay and their collusion with these scammers the Shamebay site would not be needed.


If it was only a case of downright incompetence, poorly thought out policy & strategy, low paid customer support personnel who dont listen, care or act correctly, ridiculous selling fees or any other organistaional failures, then we could live with it.If that were the case, ebay would not be the first, nor the last to have such flaws at the heart of their company strategy.


There is a sinister, murky, unethical coming together with the scammers like the ones who appear on this page, to create ( I hate to say it, but its true) an almost perfect organisational culture & online playground to make money from decent everyday people by facilitating a forum for scamming bullies who are able to exploit innocent people and swindle them , at times beyond belief, whilst the scammer hides behind ebays either inadequate or some may say corrupt policies, in the knowledge they are safe and have the green light to then move on to their next victim.



If you want to see exactly why ebay makes the top of our Hall Of  Shame, you can read about it in our article ebay exposed :10 reasons to avoid ebay at all costs.Meantime you can continue reading to meet the low lifes of ebay who deserve to be in our Hall Of Shame, thanks to our brave readers!


Up next is a nasty piece of work hiding behind the ebay ID of  kobe_laurz_26.This scammer bought multiple software from one reader and immediately tried to rip him off  as the software hit his inbox, claiming every piece of software did not work ( not just 1 but every software….what is the chances of that ! ).Our reader spent countless emails trying to support him and got threatening responses ( we have seen these responses via a screenshot) and demanding a refund.He even cited he was a lawyer and threatened to take our reader to court.Of course this scammer is no more a lawyer than Mickey Mouse is ! He then spent days of sending emails of a threatening , demanding nature and using feedback blackmail he tried to get our reader to refund him.It was clear from the off that his scam is to acquire goods on ebay and immediately try to get his money back with either item not received or not as described/faulty/I just dont like it ( even though in the case he had it on his hard drive & therefore digital goods can’t be returned like physical goods).He then left a horrendous negative feedback threatening the seller with Trading Standards ( what for is still a mystery ,as he was given his goods in perfectly good working order.In fact the seller himself showed him screenshots of the software all working as normal but this was completely ignored by both seller and Ebay).

One of the software was for burning dvds and the scammer claimed it did not work on his phone !!!! Of course it would not as phones dont have dvd burners!!! Despite his mad rants, threats and demands, he got his money back from ebay, the biggest scammer of them all.DESPITE EBAYS OWN POLICY OF DIGITAL GOODS NOT BEING COVERED BY THEIR EBAY MONEY BACK GAURANTEE ! Another example, if needed , that ebay cant even follow through with their own policies and stick to them in times of dispute.



Instead ebay back the scammer and refund him !

No wonder ebay you are first to make it to our hall of shame! Shamless ebay!

As for low life scammer kobe_laurz_26, you have made into the Shamebay Hall Of Shame and will be staying there for the world to see.If you still feel the need to use ebay despite reading this, please avoid this scammer at all costs, or you deserve all that is coming to you.





Next up to make our hall of shame is:



This is another scammer going by the ebay id of robertb5714, whose speciality is to use ebays pathetic item not received policy to scam innocent sellers, like the several readers who wrote to us about him.This guy bought some sofware from one reader and like many before him, opened up an item not received even though there was tangible evidence that he had been sent the software.His go-to strategy to scam is to open a dispute immediately in the belief that as he did not receive an item in the post ( it was digitally delivered by our ebay seller who had permission to send digital items from ebay ), that he will get his money back and keep his software.Of course ebay place the sellers funds on hold and can do so for up to 30 days !! The scammer like our robertb5714 can then go about his next victim doing the same thing and simply rinse & repeat till his hearts content, with ebay spouting their intelligence insulting crap about why its necessary to “keep eBay a safe marketplace for buyers and sellers”. What an insult to every person with more than 1 brain cell in their head.By the time the 30 days are up, the scammer has completed dozens of item not received claims, with ebay burying their heads in the sand until finally issuing a warning to him, if at all.By then he has every item he purchased and now it becomes a lottery as to how many sellers will get their money back after the 30 days.Our scammer robertb5714 deliberately does not communicate in the dispute, he simply does not waste his time as he has other fish to fry , and his case, time is item not received opportunities to exploit ! Avoid this charlatan like the plague.







Another scammer to make our hall of shame is:



This next newcomer to Shamebays Hall Of Shame is a real time wasting, non paying, nasty piece of work and goes by the ebay id of benjmerryw_0. He seems to take great delight in wasting peoples time , giving sellers the runaround in the build up to a sale ( when he has absolutely no intention of buying) and spends huge amounts of time writing message to sellers , asking all sorts of questions ( some ridiculous) and keeps this going for what can only be viewed as sick entertainment for him.This is certainly what happened to one of our readers who had a torrid time with  benjmerryw_0 who spent over a week answering his questions about a product he had actually sold to him, BUT HE HAD NOT PAID FOR ALMOST A WEEK AFTER THE SALE !! The questions kept coming with a plethora of weak and downright pathetic excuses from him trying to delay payment, when it was obvious he had no intention to ever pay.This scammer tried pathetic lines like “can I give you some of it now and pay the rest later”.He even tried the ridiculous line of trying to sell something himself to free up cash to pay for our readers item ? What ? So he clicked the buy it now button even though he knew he didnt have the money to pay for it, proof all along that this time wasting scammer had no intention of paying for the item.lets face it, who goes shopping and picks an item from the store shelf and takes it to the payment counter when they know they have no means of paying for it?? Well, benjmerryw_0 does ! He then gets irritated and abusive when our reader eventually has enough of him and tells him where to go and cancels the order by telling him he is a time waster and non payer scammer:) When our reader further explains he will be reporting him for non payment to ebay and he should receive a non payment strike on his account ( although in reality he probably wont as ebay dont want to offend their much loved buyers who they protect by even breaching their own policies ),  benjmerryw_0 then becomes even more abusive and sends foul mouthed messages to our reader ( which ebay do nothing about again). Shame on you benjmerryw_0 that you have made it into our Samebay Hall Of Shame ! And shame on you ebay for allowing him to behave like this and continue to have an account on ebay.






Next up is another lowlife who likes to abuse the crapy ebay feedback system and leave negative feedback to try to destroy honest & decent sellers feedback ratings, when he hasnt even paid for the item he has bought, nor of course received the item ( because he failed to pay despite repeated reminders).

Let us introduce to our next Hall Of Shame scammer :


Yes, this scammer has the cheek to call one of readers a scammer when he has been reported to ebay for non payment in the first place, then left fasle feedback on something he has not paid for or received to be in a position to rate the product or service ( because he is a non payer & item was therefore not sent to him).Yet this does not stop mrwolf6667 from abusing our reader and the ebay feedback system.Of course ebay refuse to support the honest seller and leave the unjust/abusive/false feedback in place and let him continue to abuse further sellers thereafter.Yet another example of ebays reluctance to do the right thing and support the person behaving appropriately and back the scammer buyer without any form of action taken.

He’s called mrwolf for a reason and his 666 connection makes him a devil of a scammer to be avoided at all costs.






Another scamming lowlife to make it to the coveted Shamebay Hall Of Shame is a conman who goes by the Ebay name of bluerelianceshop, or Mandeep Dalvair as he calls himself ( Alias is Peter Alexander).This creep has been reported by one of our scammed readers ( yes, another seller!) who was scammed by him after selling some digital goods to him.It seems that immediately after our reader sent him the digital goods, the same listing was reported as being counterfiet ( even though our reader is the actual author of the software & the listing highlighted this to Ebay).Of course Ebay completely ignored this fact and just removed the listing without even consulting our reader !! This is of course standard practice from Ebay who simply believe anything that a scammer says and act supportingly to the scammer without any thought of questioning or investigating the matter further!! Now, to set some context to this, the said listing o fthe digital goods had been listed for many months prior to this and without any issue ( whay should there be an issue?) and suddenly & also IMMEDIATELY as bluerelianceshop( Mandeep Dalvair/Peter Alexander) buys it, the said listing is reported as counterfeit and an item not received dispute is initiated by our  bluerelianceshop.

Coincidence? We think not ……. and neither does our reader !

So, once the lowlife scammer bluerelianceshop has his software safely on his hard drive he starts his reporting, scamming, “I havent received it….give me my money back” scam, which Ebay just loves to facilitate to encourage like minded scumbags to come to their corrupt online playground to make them money and scam honest people from.Disgraceful behaviour bluerelianceshop and even more disgraceful to you Ebay for allowing and encouraging such practices with your deliberate inept policies that are skewed in favour of buyers and actively promote such scamming behaviours.

But our reader fought back and let Fleebay know that he owuld not be lying down to this dispicable behaviour !


Well done to our Reader who had the spine to challenge this creep, even if he is on to a loser with Ebay who will never support him as a seller against their golden buyers.Here is his evidence sent to the number one scammer ( Ebay) to challenge the cliam…….brilliant!



So what was the outcome? Well, Ebay support the lowlife bluerelianceshop and ensure he gets his money back, no prizes for being surprised there.In fact they have the cheek to charge our reader £14.99 for a dispute fee!!! So our reader is now £18 out of pocket as the scammer bluerelianceshop keeps his software and moves on to his next target.



Meantime bluerelianceshop you have made it to our Hall Of Shame and will be staying there forever!





Our next scammer is one who goes by the ID of bobofett1980 and whose account location is in Chile.One of our readers had the misfortune of  having him bid and win on an item he was selling on Ebay from his own location in the USA.Our readers initial feeling that all was not well when bobofett1980 failed to pay initially.After a couple of days the payment was finally made for the item and bobofett1980 had chosen local pick up as his selected shipping method. Our observant reader noticed that this buyers account details on ebay Account name/location/account phone number etc) had no relation whatsoever to this buyers shipping information , which was another big red flag to our reader.Both phone munbers ( Chile and USA numbers) were not valid numbers which aroused further suscpicion. bobofett1980’s shipping address was a mere 3500 miles away from our readers location, for something that bobofett1980 had opted to locally pick up !!!! When our reader challenged him on this by email, bobofett1980 conceeded that he would not be able to pick the item up, nor would he be able to do so in the next 10 days.At this point bobofett1980’s next move is to try and arrange an Uber pick up of the item, but to have this picked up in an unverified way by the Uber driver.Ebay requires such a pick up to be verified by the Uber driver using a QR code and 6 digit code linked to the item purchase which is supplied by Ebay.When our reader stuck to his guns and said no, that a verified method of pick up as above ( QR/Digit code) was required then bobofett1980 was left scratching his head looking for another way to acquire his item.bobofett1980 then asks for the item to be held in storage for him until he was able to be in a nearby town ( 26 miles from seller) and collect it then.Again our reader agreed to this, but the buyer failed to appear for this also.Our reader continued to request suitable meet up times/dates in order for bobofett1980 to collect his item , but bobofett1980 simply does not respond to any more messages. Our reader also offered was an optional USPS delivery to a valid USA address, though this was meet with silence also.So it looked like this guy had gone missing.

Then 15 days after the listing had ended, bobofett1980 opened an eBay Case , making a false claim that the Seller was refusing to deliver the Buyer’s item purchase! Buyer bobofett1980 never paid for delivery by choosing Local Pickup. Local Pickup was never made because Buyer bobofett1980 refused to provide a meetup date and time. Further ,bobofett1980 refused to provide an eBay Local Pickup code (a QR code and a 6 digit code) to any assigned pickup carrier or service.In the end our reader became exhausted with his attempts to engage in skullduggery and mischief and finally he refunded bobofett1980 to get rid of him and his scamming attempts.

bobofett1980, you failed to uphold your obligation to locally pick up the item you won at auction by never attempting to agree a date, let alone be there to collect the item in person.You abused our readers goodwill of accomodating your requests to store the item, claiming that because you failed to turn up to collect then the seller was refusing to send the item.There is nothing to send if you select local pick up ! Its your responsibility to go and collect it! If you cant do that then you simply cant suggest to have some guy in an Uber car pick it up without any verification that Ebay stipulates is essential ( QR/code).You also should not be trying to hide your true contact details (phone numbers) that are shown by Ebay as these should be accurate, unless of course you are trying to decieve in the first place.



Avoid this time wasting, manipulative scammer bobofett1980 at all costs !




Do you have an Ebay scammer you would like to expose for the world to see? Been scammed with no recourse whatsoever because Ebay have colluded with the low lifes in their symbiotic relationship?

Well, what are you waiting for?

Report the scammer below and help ensure that these charlatns don’t continue to get away with it and simply move on to scam the next innocent victim of Fleebay !








*Disclaimer- Whilst we endeavour to carry out as thorough and detailed a review of all information submitted to us prior to making a valid/accurate assessment of the ligitamicy of each report, we do encourage anyone using this site to carry out their own due dilligence when using Ebay and entering into a business transaction with any ebay user.Ultimately this is your choice and we cannot be held responsible for any information that is subsequently found to be inaccurate or false.Use of this website is an acceptance of such.