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04:43:31 UTC arizona15

live chat is fine

04:44:24 UTC Wensel

Sure, I will try my best to answer your queries today.

04:44:32 UTC Wensel

How may I help you about listing removals?

04:44:53 UTC arizona15

115872085323 – Software Online business for sale , Traffic Generation Bot & digital assets ! 115876318876 – Encryption Software business for sale , windows software & key distributer ! 115876425158 – Software business for sale , Encrypt software for windo

04:46:25 UTC arizona15

these were all removed becuase a disgruntled ex buyer ( who i blocked) repored these, but this is not accurate, i am a software engineer who coeds in c# language to build desktop softwre that i sell as a business package to clients.THIS IS NOT BETA/OEM

04:46:41 UTC arizona15

codes in c#

04:47:02 UTC arizona15

so my question is this

04:47:43 UTC arizona15

are such reported items even viewed by a human, or is it simply coded this way to remove the listing without any human intervention at all ?

04:48:07 UTC arizona15


04:49:00 UTC arizona15

are you there??

04:49:12 UTC Wensel

Yes. I am here.

04:50:53 UTC Wensel

Once an item will be reported, it wont be removed automatically. We will conduct an investigation first and then will remove it if we found a violation. If you think there was no violation from our selling policy, I can connect you now to the department who can correct this.

04:51:15 UTC arizona15

yes please

04:51:35 UTC Wensel

Okay, just a moment.

04:51:56 UTC Mark Lester

Hi, my name is Mark Lester, please allow me a few moments to catch up on your conversation so far.

04:52:02 UTC arizona15

i find this bizarre however as other listings were removed for being digital delivery even though ot was royal mail postage in the listing.

04:52:18 UTC arizona15

Mark, can you see the previous message with wenzel

04:52:54 UTC Mark Lester

Hi there, May.

04:53:04 UTC arizona15


04:54:17 UTC arizona15

can you shed any light on this for me please?

04:55:19 UTC Mark Lester

I understand that you are concerned with your listings that were removed on the site.

04:55:25 UTC Mark Lester

Please give me a couple of minutes to check the details of your account.

04:55:31 UTC arizona15


04:58:39 UTC Mark Lester

I have reviewed the listings and I can see that they violated our policies and that is the reason why we removed them.

04:59:03 UTC arizona15

how did they violate

04:59:32 UTC Mark Lester

In item description, there are links of website that were stated. Please understand that it is not allowed on the site.

05:00:08 UTC arizona15

what links? can you advise?

05:01:29 UTC arizona15

thats not the reason ebay gave in my email

05:01:33 UTC arizona15

Hello , We had to remove your listing because it didn’t follow our Beta and OEM software policy. Beta software is not allowed. OEM (Original equipment manufacturer) software must follow our guidelines.

05:01:39 UTC Mark Lester

For example:

05:01:43 UTC arizona15

no mention of links??

05:02:09 UTC arizona15

they were in a screenshot showingthe software working, not written links

05:02:32 UTC arizona15

also what about all th e others that were removed, no links there is there?

05:02:38 UTC Mark Lester

Alright, for your reference about our “Beta and OEM software policy”, I will share to you the link and make sure to copy and paste it to a new web browser because if you click it, you might get disconnected from this chat.

05:02:42 UTC Mark Lester

05:03:09 UTC arizona15

its not oem or beta software

05:03:30 UTC arizona15

its my own developed software, i wrote it and own all rights to it

05:03:44 UTC arizona15

where do you get beta or oem from ?

05:04:09 UTC Mark Lester

Thanks for clarifying.

05:04:24 UTC arizona15


05:04:42 UTC arizona15

so where do i go from here?

05:05:37 UTC Mark Lester

I regret to inform you that we won’t be able to reinstate those listings. I suggest you not to list those kinds of listings to avoid any issues in your account in the future.

05:05:39 UTC arizona15

so did a human review this or was removal done automatically?

05:06:28 UTC arizona15

but if there is nothing wrong with them ( not oem/beta) that why cant i list something that is 100% legitimate that i bult and own??

05:08:26 UTC Mark Lester

I appreciate that you’re able to explain your side but in this situation, we are no longer comfortable having the items listed on our site due to policy concerns. We ask you not to relist those items.

05:09:50 UTC arizona15

but they dont breach any policy , you said so your self?

05:09:59 UTC arizona15

this is crzy, is it not?

05:10:05 UTC arizona15


05:11:40 UTC arizona15

what policy do they breach?

05:12:32 UTC Mark Lester

Links policy and beta software and OEM software policy based to our dedicated team.

05:13:08 UTC arizona15

but you accepted they are not oem or beta, they are mine and i can supply the c# source code to ebay to prove this.

05:13:44 UTC arizona15

what maked you think they are beta or oem? can you advise where your evidence is for such a claim?

05:16:35 UTC arizona15

its clear you do not have anything to support this claim , because i know because i am the creator of the softwares and this is a simple case of ebay believing a disgruntled buyer who is out to sabotage me, isnt it?

05:17:16 UTC arizona15

takes me back to my original point, these removals are done on autopilot arent they?

05:18:05 UTC arizona15

no himan reads these claims, because if they do they would have seen my listings used royal mail for postage and not digital delivery as you said in the removal of some.

05:18:07 UTC Mark Lester

Listings on the site my get removed automatically or manually by our dedicated team once they found that those listings have violated our policy.

05:18:11 UTC arizona15


05:19:35 UTC Mark Lester

We certainly understand that you’d like to know the nature and basis as to why we have determined that the items were beta or OEM software. Please understand that much of this information remains protected by eBay because if we told members our basis to know if an item is beta or OEM software or not, it would provide other members with a way to circumvent our detection by hiding such information.

05:20:08 UTC arizona15

so they do get removed automatically, of course they do because my removals do not make any sense

05:20:31 UTC arizona15

so if i provide source code evidence its all my own work, can i relist?

05:20:55 UTC Mark Lester

No, it is best not to relist them to avoid any issues in your account.

05:21:24 UTC arizona15

but why would it avoid an issue i can prove my listings are genuine?

05:21:34 UTC arizona15

does not make one piece of sense

05:21:49 UTC arizona15

ridiculous in fact

05:22:36 UTC arizona15

so you believe a disgruntled ex buyer over a genuine seller who sells his own work, without any looking into it or questioning??

05:23:02 UTC arizona15

so anyone can report a listing even though they know its genuine and it will be auto removed?

05:23:14 UTC arizona15

disgraceful that ebay allow such a thing?

05:23:21 UTC arizona15

scandolus in fact

05:23:58 UTC Mark Lester

While we understand that you may not agree with our decision, please understand that this decision is final and will not be reversed.

05:24:25 UTC arizona15

you are not answering, you are avoiding my question

05:24:29 UTC arizona15

so anyone can report a listing even though they know its genuine and it will be auto removed?

05:25:48 UTC arizona15

can you send me a copy of this chat please?

05:25:59 UTC arizona15


05:26:33 UTC Mark Lester

You will receive a copy of our chat on your registered email address.

05:29:49 UTC Mark Lester

It’s been a while since I have received a message from you. I just want to confirm if we are still connected.

05:30:57 UTC Mark Lester

I’m afraid that I’ll have to end this chat as I haven’t received any response from you. If you still require assistance, please contact Live Help again. Thank you for using eBay.

05:30:59 UTC

chat ended by Mark Lester